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Lucy Weinmann Kuehl

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Today is my mom Lucy Weinmann Kuehl's 77th birthday on December 3, 2018

Born on December 3, 1941
My mom Lucia Weinmann Kuehl with her mom Maria Weinmann

What a beautiful woman

I was given this rare color picture of my mom, Lucy or who some people called Lucia Weinmann Kuehl with her mom, my grandmother Maria Weinmann by my cousin who dug it up. One of the few color pictures of her that exists. My mom was probably 17 or 18 in this picture before she gave birth to me at the age of 19. I keep this picture on my desk in my office where I can look at it often when I work. I am stunned by how beautiful she is with her tint of red in her hair. She was the only partial redhead in the whole Weinmann / Kuehl families that anyone in the families is aware of. She was also the tallest woman at 6' in the small town of Dielheim, Germany where she was born and grew up. At that time, that was typically a head taller than most every other woman and was super difficult to find clothes to fit. My grandmother Maria apparently handmade some of her clothes. She also had really long arms and fingers and apparently played the piano and accordion well with a beautiful voice. I miss and love her despite never really having gotten to conscientiously get know her after she committed suicide at the age of 24. The farm will be named Lucy's farm and will build a chapel on it to honor her. She gave me life and what an intense learning it has been on this earth. I am convinced she is with our Lord in His Heaven. There have been too many miracles happen to me which I believe are a direct result of her intercession. So much more to say, but right now I will celebrate this Birthday and rejoice. All blessings.

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