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The Natural Laws of Health

Your body is designed to heal itself when you do the natural things it needs to stay healthy. We need to remain healthy to be able to work and perform properly with energy and joy. Feeling good is such a gift.

The 10 natural laws of health are as follows:

1. Freedom from stress!

2. Breath fresh and clean air deeply.

3. Drink large amounts of clean water

4. Eat healthy food

5. Proper rest

6. Exercise

7. Proper sunlight

8. Attitude of gratitude

9. Moderation!

10. Faith & values!

Practicing these relatively simple and to a large degree free points on a daily basis will give your body the energy it needs to heal and sustain itself so we can work and enjoy the things we love to do. Will go into more detail on each of these points it various blogs going forward.

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