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“Rob is the ultimate artist in a suit—combining an analytical engineer’s mind with the authentic heart and soul of a performer. Most people tend to be self-centered, but Rob is truly other-oriented. Whether you’re experiencing his music at a concert, hearing him speak at a conference or he’s coaching you one-on-one, you know he cares about you personally.”

Mike Wittenstein, Founder and Managing Partner


“I came to appreciate the way Rob operates when I did a teamwork program at his company’s annual international meeting. Rob is curious, insightful and very considerate. He’s exceptionally skilled at dealing with different personalities and cultures, shedding light on challenges and building successful teams. As an unbelievably talented performer, he uses his music and intuition to form a deep connection with his audience.”

Sean Glaze, Teambuilding Speaker and Author
Great Results Team Building

“Rob lives to give to other people. His heart-felt, real-world wisdom is evident whenever he speaks, coaches or performs. As a coach, he will support your growth by telling you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear. As an outstanding, authentic speaker and performer, he will set just the right tone for your event.”
Jon Schwartz, Owner
Bacchus Productions


“Rob is the type of person you want to work with.

He is kind, positive and authentic. Stellar character.”

Pastor Terry Quick

First Baptist Church of Milledgeville, GA 

“At the core of who he is, I believe Rob is a healer. His soulful music creates a safe space for people to reflect, release and hope. It unlocks a door that can lead to transformation. I experienced Rob’s music at a mastermind weekend retreat for professional speakers who wanted to gain greater clarity regarding who they are and what they do. We benefited from so many insights through our candid conversations that weekend, and Rob’s music set the tone for us to be authentic and of service to others.”

John Brantley, President
Auxin 360, Inc.


“At my shop in historic Roswell, I sell premium olive oils and vinegars. For Roswell Alive After Five events, I lay quilts on our front lawn so people can come up off the sidewalk and enjoy. Rob serenades them. Rob is versatile and very charismatic. He even wrote a song that invites them to come into my shop! Rob has a big heart and often donates his fees to charity.”

Suzanne Davidson, Owner
Oli + Ve

“Rob is a big part of the success of our chamber Christmas parties and Stammtisch events. As our master of ceremonies and entertainer, he is friendly, funny and flexible. Rob does an awesome job playing festive holiday music and leading the sing-along carols. During the meals and networking time, everyone enjoys his mellow jazz music. I’m always recommending Rob to others who want to host memorable events.”
Uwe (Harry) Rotsch, Leader
German American Stammtisch Atlanta


“My seven-year-old son, Chase, has a rare genetic disorder called Phelan-McDermid Syndrome and is severely impaired. He’s constantly in motion and nonverbal. We hold fundraising events for this cause called ‘Pie in the Face.’ Local celebrities from our Vermont town volunteer to get hit with a whipped cream or pudding pie by those who pay to do it. My big brother, Rob, flies up from Atlanta to be a part of the festivities. He plays music and sings silly songs, including the original ‘Pie in the Face for Chase.’ At our family gatherings, Rob is the first one to lovingly spend time with Chase. I remember Rob always joyfully strumming his guitar when we were growing up. His support means so much to me and my family.”
Rick Kuehl

“Rob is our ‘secret weapon’ in setting the TAG Cloud Society apart from all the other TAG groups. At every dinner event, he plays soft guitar music in the background that relaxes attendees so they are more open to starting a conversation with someone they don't know. By creating an ambiance that encourages attendees to connect and build a sense of community, Rob helps us achieve a higher level of ‘stickiness’ as we strive to grow our membership. Our often-introverted technology professionals feel like they belong and keep coming back. Rob is awesome to work with, very accommodating and gracious. He has such a kind, caring nature that it didn’t surprise me when I found out he donates some of his proceeds from every gig to charity.”
Dave Flannery, Founder and Board Chair
Cloud Society of the Technology Association of Georgia

"Rob performed several times at our "Taste of Perimeter" events while he was a member of Perimeter Church.  His performances and collaboration with other musicians he invited on stage were outstanding. Anyone looking for relaxing background music to any event of any size should consider Rob."

Jean Harrivel

Perimeter Church Membership Director


“As the host of Playing in Traffic, a live improv troupe, I relied on Rob to use his music to enhance the experience for the audience and performers. He brought an energy to the show that could not be reproduced by canned music. The funny parts were funnier and the drama was more profound. Rob was a joy to work with. He is warm and inviting and has an infectious positive energy. Everyone in our troupe looked forward to working with him.”

Matt Cornwell

Professional Actor/Improvisor

“Rob sings and plays from the heart. He frequently led the worship music for my Alive singles ministry at Perimeter Church and has also performed at my home parties. Rob is a talented, devoted guy. Very reliable and hands on. He often customized the music to complement my message. He creates a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere where people enjoy listening to him and singing along.”

Otto Schultinge

Past Leader of Alive Singles Ministries

“German-owned Maier America wanted to sell more effectively to American companies. Rob hired me to perform improv for their national sales meeting.  Through role playing, I helped their sales team understand the cultural differences in customer service and sales, and how to look for clues so they could adjust their sales techniques on the fly. Rob is easy going and friendly but very professional. He prepared me well and encouraged me throughout the process so I could deliver what they needed.”

Cody Vaughn


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